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Bridge sandblasting robot

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Bridge sandblasting robot

Bridge sandblasting robot

The most often used robot type is a bridge robot, which is able to blast in all directions and places of the blasting booth. It is used mainly for blasting carriages and wagons and for blasting big steel constructions and castings. It is also used for blasting masts and domes of windmill generating stations.
The robot can be used in two modes – fully automatic and manual. For the manual use, a control cab is used that travels (like the robot) on a separate portal.

The robot can be programmed in three ways:

  1. PTP programming – it is a point to point programming; before the blasting, the operator enters coordinates from the operating panel, which are saved into memory.
  2. Teach-in – programming using a control box; the operator blasts the first product by himself and then he saves the program into memory. For the next (identical) product, the operator selects the corresponding program from the memory.
  3. Off-line programming – a program will be created in PC based on the 3D-model of the product and the completed program will be loaded to the control PC through a USB input

The robot is able to move in 8 axes:

  • The robot bridge moves on travel rails, which are placed inside the blasting booth. So the movement over the whole length of the blasting booth is possible, both forwards and backwards.
  • The robot crab is placed on the bridge portal, in which it moves. So the movement is possible from one side of the blasting booth to the other.
  • The robot telescope is a part of the crab and makes possible the upward and downward movement of the robot and also the 360° rotation.
  • The flexible arm 1 is a part of the crab and makes possible the upward and downward movement. Its movement range is 175°.
  • The flexible arm 2 is attached to the arm 1 and makes possible the upward and downward movement. Its movement range is 210°.
  • The arm head is attached to the arm 2 and makes possible the rotary movement in the range of 380°.
  • The nozzle is attached to the arm head and makes possible the oscillatory movement of the nozzle, namely in the range of 270°.



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