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Control cabin

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Control cabin

Control cabin

The control cab is usually used in plants without classic lot production. It is suitable for plants, which manufacture either in small series or blast non-standard products (which occasionally appear in their standard production program).

The cab is also used for blasting big products, which are hardly accessible for the manual blasting. The telescope makes you possible to get above the level of the product and easily blast hardly inaccessible places. The blasting speed is multiply higher than the speed of the manual blasting. The cab is provided with an air-conditioning, interior and exterior lighting system, and a comfortable armchair with control joysticks. It is perfectly soundproof and insulates the worker from the outer noise.

The control cabin is able to carry out the following movements:

  • Vertical movement of the control box
  • Transverse movement of the control box
  • Longitudinal movement of the control box
  • Rotation of the control box

The cabin has a function that makes possible that a safe distance can be kept from the second portal, on which the robot is placed



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