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Manual blasting hall

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Manual blasting hall

Manual blasting hall

Sandblasting cabins are always designed depending on requirements of the customer. The main priority is to find the most effective solution. Below is a description of the device, with which the sandblasting cabin or boxes can be equipped.

Dust collector

The dust collector serves for exhausting dust particles from the sandblasting cabin. It prevents the dust from penetrating into other areas of the production hall and so ensures better working conditions for the worker.

Collecting system in the floor

The abrasive can be collected inside the sandblasting cabin in several ways:

  • Wall-to-wall scraper conveyor
    This conveyor is spread over the whole floor and using pneumatic cylinders and stirring arms, it ensures fully automatic collection of abrasives to another conveyor

  • Belt and screw conveyor
    The belt and screw conveyor is usually along or in the middle of the cabin where the abrasive is swept manually or mechanically. Then the material is transported to a bucket conveyor.

  • Steel shaft
    The shaft is mostly placed in a corner or in the middle of a sandblasting cabin. The abrasive is swept manually or mechanically into the shaft.

Bucket conveyor

The bucket conveyor is the next part of the recycling system. It serves for transporting the abrasive from the collecting system in the floor to a separator or a drum screen.

Drum screen

The drum screen is used for separating large dust particles, which could get into the abrasive. It is mostly used for sandblast cabins, in which old products are renovated and big quantities of wastes with contaminants are created. 


The separator serves for cleaning the abrasive from dust particles. The separator makes possible that the clean and usable material can be returned into the circulation.

Abrasive silo

The abrasive silo is placed between the separator and the blasting unit. It ensures a continuous feeding of the abrasive for the worker. The size of the silo is always designed depending on the size of the cabin and the collecting system for the abrasive.

Blasting unit (blastpot)

The blasting unit (i.e. pressure vessel) serves for blasting. There is an overpressure in the vessel during the blasting process and using a mixing valve (sandblasting valve), the material is forced into a hose (for more details see the category "Blastpot").

Magnetic and demagnetic separator

This separator is used if the customer decides to blast in a cabin with two kinds of abrasive – metallic and non-metallic. The separator serves for sorting the materials into separate silos. When more abrasives are used, it is not necessary to build another sandblasting cabin.



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