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Pressure blasting cabin

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Pressure blasting cabin

Pressure blasting cabin

Pressure blasting boxes are made and equipped depending on requirements of the customer. It is a completely equipped box, which has an already integrated recycling system for the abrasive and a filter unit with cartridge filters. The blasting is easy-controlled by means of a pedal, thanks to which the worker has his hands free to better handle the nozzle and the product. The box is provided with a lighting system for a perfect visibility inside the box. Operating windows have a protective foil, which can be easily replaced if needed. The operating gloves are abrasion resistant with a long service life. The box is provided with a blasting hose, a nozzle and a recycling and filter system for cleaning the abrasive and exhausting all dust particles, which are created during the blasting process.


There are many possibilities how to use the pressure blasting box: cleaning, de-rusting, matting, roughening, surface hardening and many others.

Various kinds of abrasives can be used in the cabin: steel shot and grit, cast-iron abrasive, glass beads, plastic abrasive, corundum, ceramic abrasive and many others. The correct selection of the abrasive and pressure is critical for the final surface roughness.

The following accessories can be purchased into the pressure blasting cabin:

  • The complete rail system including a mobile rotary table (diameter 600 mm / maximum load 350 kg – can be modified individually)

  • The in-built rotary table (diameter 600 mm / maximum load 350 kg – can be modified individually)

  • Drum system for blasting small parts

  • Blasting gun attachment



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