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Blasting pot

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Blasting pot

Blasting pot

The blastpots (pressure blasters) works on the principle of pressure blasting. The pop up valve, which is in the upper part of the vessel, after the closure the inlet hole makes a pressure, which pushes the abrasive material into the lower part of the vessel where there is a sandvalve. The sabdvalve has two inputs and an output. One input is from the upper part to feed the abrasive material. The other input is from the side and serves for the compressed air, which pulls the abrasive down from the vessel. There is a blasting hose connected to the output, through which the abrasive runs out. The valve is provided with a regulating cock to control the abrasive quantity. It all is controlled by a remote switch (dead man), which is attached to the blasting hose near the nozzle. The vessel is provided with a pressure governor, a screen and a filter for the breathing helmet of the worker.


Pressure vessels can be ordered in the following sizes:

Marking Volume Dimensions (height x diameter) Weight (empty vessel)
HM - 50 40 liters 920 x 360 mm 80 kg
HM - 100 100 liters 1.120 x 510 mm 135 kg
HM - 200 200 liters 1.450 x 610 mm 180 kg
HM - 300 300 liters 1.610 x 800 mm 260 kg




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